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Sexual Communication

Mar 7, 2011 Author: Jerry K | Filed under: Female Enhancement

Communication with your partner is key. Let them know what feels good. You don’t even necessarily need to have a conversation, if that makes you uncomfortable – instead try body language and reassuring noises when they hit the right spot. Remember, you can’t expect them to know what’s working for you if you don’t tell them, especially if you’re prone to faking.

In addition to sexual communication with your partner, communication in general is a big factor. If you have any distracting feelings, such as guilt, stress, or worry, focussing on sex is a difficult task. Getting these feelings out of the way, although not easy, frees up your attention.

Sexual positions with the woman on top makes it easier for her to orgasm, because she controls the speed and movements. Keep in mind that only 30% of women regualrly orgasm through intercourse – receiving oral sex is the most common method to reaching climax.

Female Enhancement Pills is another great technique to help woman boost orgasms and increase sexual desire.

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  • Causes of Female Libido Dysfunction

    Aug 26, 2010 Author: Jerry K | Filed under: Female Enhancement Products

    There is a range of causes of female libido dysfunction thanks to physical reasons or conditions of women on the certain point of life. Pregnancy can be an ideal example of such condition that changes life of any woman. Being pregnant women experience hormonal changes influencing any woman physically and emotionally and she acquires a bit different view upon the sex. Many women think that this is dangerous to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy. As the tummy gets bigger this is certainly not comfortable at all. If ovaries do not secret estrogen, which works like a lubricant, the vaginal dryness is possible. The sexual activity is a problem in this case. Usually older people have obstacles of this type particularly those in their menopausal period. This is another cause of female libido dysfunction. This is evident that hormonal change affects the women’s attitude. They are not eager to have sex and are not interested in intimacy. As she has no interest, no measures are taken and any slightest reason to refuse from sex is employed such as headache, for example. Quite on the contrary, a range of diseases which are referred to as serious ones, arthritis, problems with kidneys and diabetes, change the hormonal balance of a lady, influencing vaginal lubrication and mobility, causing female libido dysfunction.

    In this case a woman should think about female enhancement creams or other female enhancement products to treat female libido dysfunction.

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