Many women notice that aging causes their breasts to sag and droop. Therefore, some women decide to restore their breasts with surgery. In the process of aging breasts change their shape because the firmer glandular tissue is replaced with fat.

Aging is without doubt one of the key reasons for lowered skin firmness, and the breast tissue is particularly susceptible to those changes. Breast lift surgery is a method that helps to strip the extra, loose breast skin. The goal of this procedure is to raise the breast tissue and nipple, to make it more attractive and “uplifted”. It also helps to have suppler breast, like in the youth period.

Before the operation the condition of each patient is examined. Goals and desires, as well as the amount of skin to be removed ate considered. In the majority of cases the skin is removed around the areola and from the breasts themselves.

Sometimes the procedure can be done with only a scar remaining around the areola. However, such cases are rare as after a weight loss the amount of the excess of skin is considerable. Patients usually feel pain after the operation and can start working in seven or ten days, and can return to normal in three weeks.

Women in female forums can advise you a safe breast lifting gel or a natural pill which can be used to improve shape of your breasts and make it full and firm as it was years ago. These meds don’t have harmful side effects which are commonly associated with breast implants.