Female enhancement products increase female’s desire of sexual intercourse and aid cope with their frequent intimate issues. As women are more sensitive and emotional, their sexual appetite is often instable and they tend to lose sex drive because of some social and physical difficulties. The absence of regular sexual relations after a while greatly affects overall wellbeing. Women in female enhancement forums say they crave for more and more sleep and rest, they lose energy for sex, start experiencing mood swings and depressions.

Another aim of female enhancement products is to cheer up women suffering from infertility problems. It is clear that this problem affect the relationship between partners. This problem undermines the desire for conception and in such a way relationship between couples become tense.

Infertility issues may also be attributed to situations of decreased sexual interest, which consequently, because of female’s previous distressing experiences generally make their bodies’ sensual signals to immediately turn off.

Some herbs were found to improve women’s reproductive systems and their sex lives. Also there are produced some female enhancement products which can increase women’s libido and energy and return their interest in sex. The main ingredients are Ginger root (stimulates sexual drive), Valerian root (relieves stress), Licorice root (is used to strengthen adrenal glands and, then, hormonal function of a woman’s body), black Cohosh root (can help balance hormones), Damina leaf (aphrodisiac effect) and Raspberry leaf extract (it increases fertility).

These products are popular among women for their ability to enhance women’s sexual desire, avoid menstrual cramps, and make vaginal contraction stronger and breasts bigger.