A person may be unwilling to talk because he or she may be afraid that a partner will reject him or her, or there may be a fear of hurting the partner’s feelings. The fact is that the second person may have a wish to talk too, but he or she may be also afraid of being neglected or of making you suffer. Even if the two partners love and respect each other, they may experience difficulties talking about sex. Doesn’t matter how hard the talk about sex may be, it is necessary to have it, because it will bring really wonderful results and the relationship in general will be even closer. If you are ready to discuss this matter with your second half, remember the following tips.

We recommend you to express everything in writing. It may be a letter to your second half or any other form. You don’t need to show your composition to the one you address, but the method of putting it in words is very helpful, because it will help you to understand your problem better. And it will help you to get rid of mixed ideas. Think about how your second half would accept your words, try to see everything with his or her eyes. Be careful about what you want to express and don’t just complain. Try to replace complaints with suggestions you would like to make.

Think about the correct time for a conversation, but we don’t recommend you to do it right before or immediately after intercourse. There should be nothing but two of you and you should have quite a lot of time for talking. It’s not a good idea to start a conversation just before you or your partner will have to leave. Your partner should have enough time for reaction or for processing of the information he or she receives.