Do you know that only 30% of women reach orgasm regularly while having a sexual contact? Many women can experience climax only when their clitoris is stimulated. Sometimes banal sex life, lack of new sensations may prevent women from having orgasm. It is always good to talk to your partner about your dreams, new things you would like to try. If you want to refresh your relationship and your sex life, a registered sex therapist may be a person who can help you find a female anorgasmia treatment.

Female enhancement creams are good female anorgasmia treatment, they often help women improve sensations and experience climax. They increase blood flow to the genitals, and make you easily forget about vaginal dryness. In case of female anorgasmia these creams keep necessary hormone level, which also increases your feelings during sex intercourse. Safe and effective, they can be used with any other medications.