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Female anorgasmia treatment

Mar 30, 2010 Author: Jerry K | Filed under: Female Enhancement Creams

Do you know that only 30% of women reach orgasm regularly while having a sexual contact? Many women can experience climax only when their clitoris is stimulated. Sometimes banal sex life, lack of new sensations may prevent women from having orgasm. It is always good to talk to your partner about your dreams, new things you would like to try. If you want to refresh your relationship and your sex life, a registered sex therapist may be a person who can help you find a female anorgasmia treatment.

Female enhancement creams are good female anorgasmia treatment, they often help women improve sensations and experience climax. They increase blood flow to the genitals, and make you easily forget about vaginal dryness. In case of female anorgasmia these creams keep necessary hormone level, which also increases your feelings during sex intercourse. Safe and effective, they can be used with any other medications.

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  • Female anorgasmia

    Mar 11, 2010 Author: Jerry K | Filed under: Female Enhancement Products

    If you have difficulty reaching that elusive orgasm during sexual intercourse even if you are very excited and ready, you are, probably, one of the many women suffering from female anorgasmia. You may not even suspect it.

    A lot of attention has been given to problems encountered by men. Most sexual health research has been conducted to investigate possibilities men have in curing some sexual disorders, for example, erectile dysfunction. These possibilities include surgery, prescription drugs, and natural supplements. At the moment women’s troubles are also being investigated.

    Nowadays many specialists are interested in helping women who are sexually dissatisfied. For many years, even centuries, sex was considered to be a woman’s duty, not pleasure. The opinion about this issue has changed recently but, still, 10%-15% of women have only heard about an orgasm but have never experienced it. Moreover, 30-50% of women find it difficult to reach climax during sex. Altogether, it makes 40%- 65% of all women who are not satisfied with their sex lives.

    Now a more exact definition of female anorgasmia is suggested by women’s sexual health experts: “In spite of the fact that a woman experiences high sexual excitement, she either cannot reach orgasm or her orgasmic sensations are not very intensive, her orgasm is delayed even if she is stimulated.”

    As far as female anorgasmia is concerned, two types of it are known. The first type is primary female anorgasmia, which means that the woman has never reached orgasm. The second type is known as secondary female anorgasmia, which means that the woman experienced orgasms in the past but she either can’t experience it anymore or reaches her climax only under certain conditions, for example, while masturbating. In case you or your partner are worried about female anorgasmia, you may opt for a suitable treatment. The most important thing is to find the reason for dysfunction. The best way to do it is to see your doctor. Your doctor may help you identify what illness has caused primary or secondary female anorgasmia. If the cause is medical, the treatment will be different from the treatment of a dysfunction caused by psychological problems, for example, bad past experience (sexual abuse). In this case counselling may be a way out.

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